A/R Recovery of Old Claims

Accounts Receivable (A/R) is a never-ending problem with insurance companies. Even if healthcare providers have a staff, that work on old ARs, they find that their insurance receivables keep going up and growing, hence a huge financial burden on the medical practice.

Our trained staff, with years of experience in the industry, handling old AR cases, specializes in providing effective A/R Collections and going after the old accounts aggressively. This team of professionals and specialists analyze the un-paid or underpaid claims and aggressively follow up with insurance companies to recover maximum payments for your practice. Over the last few years, we have helped specialized practices recover sums of money from insurance carriers in “lost reimbursements and denials”.

This service for old A/R Recovery, is ideal for medical practices who have an in-house or outsourced billing team, working on day to day billing operation, and that do not want to outsource their billing to another company, but only want to hire another company to recover lost or unpaid old A/R.

Our fee for this service is recovery based, and depends largely on age of accounts, and overall size of the project. To get a customized quote, please email sales@doctoressentials.com or fill out the Contact Us Page.